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May 28, 2007


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David Airey :: Creative Design ::

Hello Ariane,

Thank you for participating, and for the kind link to my post.

Quite the moving story you write there. It's made me think about my relationships and how much they mean to me.

Bye for now.

Kara Sheridan

Thanks so much for sharing your face behind the blog. I've been subscribed for a few months now and I love your tips and suggestions. As a busy PhD student dreaming of the days I'll juggle this crazy career and my family I can't wait to put everything in action. I started my own blog not long ago and hoped to start off with the face behind the blog approach and then move into my theme/mission:-)Here's my blog if you'd like to see a face of a reader:
Thanks for your hard work!

Maureen McComas


Boy--if Gertie only knew she was on the blog!!! Thank you for acknowledging us both, but here's my chance to "toot" my horn about Skip (Al). He did things for his mother while in the nursing home, that I know some daughters wouldn't do. When she needed to be cleaned or changed, he didn't wait for a aide, he just did it--no questions asked. Even though we don't have children, I told him that he has shown all of his nephews (& nieces) what it is to be a man. No getting around it, I got one of the "good" ones and I'm so thankful that 35 years ago we ended up working together at the NJ State Police.

Secondly, thanks to both you & Alan for all of your thoughtfulness during Gertie's last stay at the hospital. Thank you for thinking to bring food, water & goodies to the hospital--after 38 hours it was a welcomed relief.

Not only did you become our "niece", you are also a valued friend.

I just wanted to let everyone know, that how you appear on your blog, is truly the way you are--kind and loving.


Ariane Benefit

Dear Maureen, you are so sweet to respond! And you are so right about Skip being one of the "good" ones. Gertie raised her sons to be wonderful husbands & fathers. There is a reason there haven't been any divorces in the McComas family! I'm thankful every day to Alan's parents and to Gertie for raising the man of my dreams even though I had to wait till I was 41 to find him! As a bonus, I got you and Skip as treasured friends and family! I'm honored to be a part of the McComas family.

Love, Ariane : )

Ariane Benefit

Kara, Thanks for writing and CONGRATULATIONS on your new blog! LOVE your bright and happy graphics and your dog is sooo cute! : ) Would love to learn more about digiscrapping. Looks really neat! All the best,


Hi! Just posted Face behind the blog as to follow your meme, do visit my blog to know more about me, thanks

Lonely hurts

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