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April 16, 2007


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I've got mine up now!



Hi Ariane,

Here's a link to my desk (and a funny story.) I sat next to you in the "eye's of a stranger" session at the NAPO conference. Small world!

Thanks for the fun challenge.



Monica Ricci

Mine's up now too! Check it out by clicking my name.

Brandie Kajino

I'm joining this party! Click my name to see my desk. :)

Megan Spears

Okay... here you go Ariane. I thought I would jump in too. I of course can not compare with some of the amazing spaces that are created... but I thought I might share for those who are in the place as I am... Enjoy! Best Regards!

Janet Barclay

Count me in!

Beth Dargis

Hi Ariane,

I put mine up this morning:


It's great fun seeing everyone's desks.

Jessica Duquette

ok, phew! I did it:





I know I'm a little late here in the comments section. I read Org Junkies blog all the time & somehow I happened across her old post on her desk. I then decided to link over here & check out everyone elses desks. I've never been to your blog before & I'm sure I'll be back.

Anyway, on to my comment here...
One thing I noticed that inspired me about these organized peoples desk is that many of them had more than one in order to do specific things in each area. Or, some JUST had their computer, that's it. So, I can see that they seemed to even organize their space according to how their lives operated.

I was really inspired & have gotten some great ideas on how to set up my own little office corner!

Thanks so much!!

Lori Smith

I hope I am not too late... I have lots of fin reading your articles. I am a Lifestyle coach, one of the main areas I coach/mentor people is creating positive motivating spaces to work, relax, play in.

Here are the pictures of my office.



Thea Westra

Thank you, Ariane.

What a terrific idea for a post. It's great to look at other people's desks for gleaning ideas, to help with organizing our own.

Here is my desk image for you:
And yes, this is exactly how my desk looks most days! :)

Cheers, Thea
ForwardSteps.com.au in Perth, Australia

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