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December 29, 2006


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I am curious what version you used because I can't believe the Scanalizer did not recognize one single receipt. I have used the NeatReceipts Scanalizer for over a year now (now on version 2.5) and it is almost perfect -- I don't mind a few minor corrections here and there -- it is still much easier than keeping track of all my receipts on my own -- plus having a scanned copy at the touch of a button should I need to reference the receipt later is priceless.


If this happened to you the Scanner and software were not properly calibrated. Another possibility is that the Smartscan feature was clicked off

Mike Landis (NeatReceipts Employee)

Hi, Ariane

A customer pointed this review out to me, since he was curious why you'd had such an unusual experience with NeatReceipts.

Assuming that the images you saw were clear, the OCR failure may well have been caused by the DEP security feature in Windows XP SP2. DEP causes one step in the OCR routine to fail, where the 'zones' on the image are passed to the character recognition process. There's a pretty quick way to test this - if you scanned an image in sideways, was it automatically rotated?

If not, take a look at Control Panel -> System -> Advanced. Click the button labeled 'Settings' in the Performance area, then click on the 'Data Execution Prevention' tab. If you've chosen the second option (DEP for all programs, rather than system processes) please add NeatReceipts.exe to your list of exempt applications.

If you have a question regarding this process, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can reach us by phone at (215) 382 3300. Try extension 104 if you'd like to speak to me directly.


Mike Landis

Maryam in Marrakesh

I really need this item!

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