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August 13, 2011


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It wasn't until I read this blog that I realized, getting started is the single most challenging thing in my life. It wasn't until I finally asked for help and my son, whose 22 and also has ADD (to a much lesser degree), said he would be my ADD coach.

You said you visited your sister's house to escape. Perhaps your sister may be willing to come to your house for an hour or two to help you get started and you may be able to do something for her in exchange. Once you actually get started it's a slow process but you will make progress. It will help you feel better. I actually started off the process with a personal organizer for 2 hours from there, my son started helping me. I do pay him a little money here and there but it's well worth it and cheaper than a personal organizer, cleaning service or ADD coach.

Sometimes high school kids, neighbor's kids or someone like that are looking to make a little extra money and you can afford $20 for an hours worth of work. For me right now money is tight but I do spend foolishly on small things like coffee or makeup or something I can live without. You cannot live without your sanity.

Hope this helps in some way and good luck. :)

Scott Hutson

I try to look at it as being able to do something, especially the physical part. There are things in my life that were much easier to do a few years ago, but when I see that I am still able to do them (albeit much slower) then I have a personal reward that comforts me.

Ariane Benefit

Thanks folks for your input! I hope D. sees that she is so not alone. Finding our own personal "start" buttons is like getting the right key for your car's ignition. What works for one car doesn't work for ALL cars! : )

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