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July 26, 2011


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Susan Hamilton

Hi Ariane,

Thank you for recommending the book WHY WE MAKE MISTAKES. Immediately after I read your comments about it on your website, I ordered the book. It arrived this week in the mail. Now, I need to schedule a time to actually read it.

A confession here...I buy books enthusiastically, compulsively...and often. (I've got 8 large book cases...and they are full of many interesting fiction and non-fiction books, most of which I have not read yet. Since I seem to have an addiction to buying books, I recently bought a Kindle and have downloaded quite a few books already. That eases the problem of finding more book space, but it doesn't solve my problem of buying more books than I seem to have time to read. I wonder...am I the only person with ADHD who has this personality quirk?

Ariane Benefit

Susan, book addiction is more common than you might think!

I actually just started a new couple of blog "thought gardens" ... not ready for prime time yet...but you can get a sneek peek. : )

“Addicted to Insight” – about Being addicted to learning or having such a strong drive to understand and learn that you actually get “high” from learning. It has been found to have a BIOLOGICAL basis in your brain, nervous system, and in your endocrine systems. Some people are actually HARD WIRED to be pursue insight and the systemization of knowledge and understanding that it can affect their lives in many ways.

Get links to all of them here!


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