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June 08, 2011


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Pursuit of Focus

Yes! I've used this before. I've been putting off cleaning my closet for months. Finally, I told myself to go pick up my closet for the 15 minutes it would take my dinner to cook. By the time my dinner was ready, I didn't want to stop!

karin Stewart


Love this post. This is what I tell my clients too. Hope all is well.


Ariane Benefit, M.S.Ed.

Thanks so much for sharing this! If someone would have tried to tell me 10 yrs ago that I some day would actually grow to ENJOY cleaning out my closet regularly or that I would use getting rid of old clothes to help energize myself and clear my head, I would have thought they were delusional. I used to be allergic to getting rid of clothes. It took me years to pare down to the point where it's now actually EASY to use my drawers and closet. I even have extra space! Keep up the great work and stay in touch! : )

Ariane Benefit, M.S.Ed.

Thanks Karin! Great to hear from you! All is well here. Hope all is well with you too! : )

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