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March 26, 2011


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This is something that I would be interested in. A cut and dry approach to organizing doesn't fit for everyone so we need more voices like this in the mix!


That would be a great idea! It would give me a taste of what you do in a much more real way.


I would love to see the video!
I will watch it.
And thank you.

Robin A

Sounds VERY interesting--and being a visual/tactile person, it's hard to grasp it without a "visual", so I would certainly be interested in seeing a clip and getting a feel for the process!

Thanks, Ariane, for keeping us in the loop!

:+) Robin


I would enjoy seeing the webinar if it isn't a heavy feed because I don't have high-speed internet.


I'd love to see a video clip. Thank you for offering to do it. I hope you get lots of good feedback. I like the approach (sometimes we need general steps to follow to keep on track) and the wording is encouraging and energizing while also sounding very professional - not like we're being talked down to or that there is something wrong with us (not that you'd do that).

I missed the free video seminar and didn't get to watch it when it was up for a week last week, partly do to my own disorganization and partly due to trying to help my disorganized husband get ready to be out of the country on business for 2 weeks and still keep up with his work.

I'm not on FaceBook (currently would prefer not to be), but wish I could post in your album there, too, to show my support.

Ariane Benefit, M.S.Ed.

Thank you all for the support! Keep the comments coming....only 25 more needed!

Ariane Benefit, M.S.Ed.

Lee, Thank you so much for the feedback on the model...that is what I was hoping for...a must more energizing way to look at it.

Thank you for pointing out that not everyone could comment on the Facebook album. I changed it so that you don't have to be on Facebook to comment...at least I think that's what I did. LOL Let me know if you still can't comment. If not, there isn't much else I can do...but at least I'll know if people can or not.


I can use all the help I can get. Please post the video. Thanks.


It took me a few minutes to "get it". Actually it was the phrase, "Do and Fulfill" that helped me put it all together. I think the tone of the words used in the baloons with two words are easier to SEE, or picture what is supposed to happen.
Since you asked specifically about that baloon, I think the word, "apply" might match the tone of most of the model.

Kendra Rittenhouse

I would also like to see a video clip!


I would be interested in some organizing advice from you Ariane. I subscribe to your Blog and like your articles on Feng Shui too.


I think this would be a great idea because it would give viewers the option to view at their optimum time to be able to concentrate and absorb the information. The labels are more encouraging and inviting that traditional ideas which ADDers have seen and, in some cases, relate to past failures. A fresh approach that can be accessed when hopefully the viewer is at their best!


Hi Ariane, I`d got in touch with your work right after I`d come to Switzerland after decades of teaching in China(Prof.Josef Hill,PhD).
So,this here is mainly a wholehearted thanks for sooo much support!!

Even if my English is not that good, I`d LOVE to have your videos. Your new project sounds great AGAIN; but we are getting used to that/ to you, a professional who is engaging with the whole of herself... Thankfully looking forward, Josef

Lex T


I have benefited so much just from your free blogs and free downloads (I just bought your neat and simple book a couple weeks ago - cant wait to read.. :) ) I can only imagine ANY tidbits you would give would inspire and help others...

You are an amazing "life coacher" and I appreciate how you have helped me have new perspectives in my personal life that I had been looking to obtain for a long time now.

Appreciate your gift to the world,


Ariane brings the big picture to the world of organizing. The key understanding for me is the realization that it is not a "once and you done" process. To be truly successful, you need to monitor and adapt to changing needs. The best part about working with Ariane is her skill in helping people find what fits them, not some cookie cutter model of what works for someone else. This webinar delivers!


Great idea - would certainly like to see what it's all about!


I'd like to see a video! Instead of 'Do & Fulfill,' I like the words "Apply & Experiment."

1) The word 'apply' makes me think of ACTION/DOING without the intimidation factor: without triggering all the baggage of all the many past failures in Doing/Fulfilling coming up.

2) A major thing that keeps me paralyzed is perfectionism/fear of commitment. So, if I think in terms of "experimenting," I know I'm not committing to anything.. I'm just trying something out to see if it works or not. There's so much less intimidation in the idea experimenting!


I would love to see the clip. Thanks


I love the word "experiment" sounds like doing something more fun or interesting, not slugging through something. ~Marr


I'd love to see the clip too. Thanks for your work as it gives me a new sense of vision. ~ Marr


Ariane -

This program was stellar! I do hope you'll make at least some of it available to your readers.

The best thing that happened to me in years was to have stumbled upon you and taken part in your coaching programs. You have literally turned my life around. I thank you from the depths of my heart.

Joan Jager


Given the cost I would expect for such an extensive program- not to mention the time I'd be investing, I'd suggest putting together a terrific preview. It should repay your day's effort many times over. (Also, outlining the basics while offering real ideas to help even those who can't afford the program could help "tighten up" your presentation skills while offering a public service.) People will remember where they learned those new approaches that really worked !

By the way, webinars can indeed be compelling, but both the picture and sound can be of poor quality. I wish you luck with these troublesome technical challenges. Joan


It sounds like it was a great webinar. I will have to put it on my calendar next time! Thanks!


Your approach and philosophy to productivity in general makes more and more sense as applicable to my own needs. I really appreciate visual learning, so I would love to see your video(s). Thanks for your efforts!

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