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August 23, 2010


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Reading this just makes me realize I really need to change what I do for a living. Hard thing is any job to be sustainable seems to requires consistency and follow through. Thank you so much for writing out the characteristics noticed in creative and ADD, striking how much overlap there is and what would the world be with no change or out of the box behaviors? :)

Ariane Benefit, M.S.Ed.

I'm so glad you found this helpful! Yes, all jobs do require some consistency and follow-through. Creatives and ADDs do follow-through on a lot of things. I think the point to take away is that we need to be fully "committed" to what we are doing - when we are, follow through is easier- when we aren't follow-through takes a lot more effort and energy. When we have clear sense of purpose - and understand the "meaning" and purpose behind what we are doing, we tend to become compelled and driven. It becomes a little easier to say no to all the interesting things that attract us away from our core objectives and needs.

So to me, it's not about having a job that doesn't require follow-through - mine requires a LOT of follow-through...but to have a job that you feel utterly committed to the meaning of what you do. I find meaning and purpose knowing that I'm being of service.

Knowing that people are counting on me to show up for them and be fully present to guide them on their journey out of frustration, suffering and despair into one where they can be a peace with themselves, have better relationships, etc. is incredibly compelling for me.

It makes doing all the mundane tasks associated with running the business bearable. I connect those tasks to the greater meaning and I'm motivated to either automate them or some how make them easier and easier. I'm driven to make them take less time, or do them more often so there are only short spurts of having to deal with them.

I don't them perfectly or "consistently" in terms of same time, same way, but I do consistently get the results needed. Bills get paid on time - no late fees. I stay out of debt. Pay taxes on time. etc. I know what I have leeway with and what I don't.

The key for me is to have simple monitoring / scanning strategies that trigger me to constantly reconnect to my greater purpose.

Bottom line is that you may need to change what you do for a living...but it is possible to shift the way you feel about what you do for a living. Not easy but possible in some cases. I found that every time I was in a job I hated, rather than quit I used it as an opportunity to challenge myself to figure out a way to be at peace with it even if I couldn't love it, or to change the job. Seriously, even in a managerial role that I hated at first, I found a way to connect with the part of the job that focussed on developing and coaching the people that worked for me...that part of the job fueled me. That said, when I worked in a factory putting lids on macaroni and cheese for 8 hours a day, I was good at it but felt like I was in a torture chamber. That experience fuels me to this day. It reminds me that I know that I can always survive and do what it takes to survive, but that I don't want to just survive so I'm highly motivated and driven to figure ways to work with my ADHD traits and harness them into strengths and do work that actually REQUIRES and rewards these strengths. It is possible. Not easy..requires a lot of change and growth, but it is possible.

Thanks for your comment...it was VERY inspiring! : )


Obviously someone has been spying on me. I am a SCATTERBRAIN but I am always jumping from one thought to another. Sweep the floor, hours later find the broom and the dust pile by the back door, where I left it when I thought about checking the mail, which led to finally getting tired of the pile of junk mail by the front door, which led to shredding and filling the recycle bin, which led to forgetting it was time to cook dinner... so the broom and the dust and the shred pile and the recycle pile are all still staring me in the face.

But ask me to research something I've never heard of and I'm on it. Hey, maybe I can read some of the organization blogs while I'm at it and that will help me get organized!

It's really gotten to be a source of contention in my marriage. I need some serious help, but all the organization books I've bought linger on the bookshelves... Seriously, where can I get some help?

Ariane Benefit, M.S.Ed.

Hi Malena,

I feel your pain!!! Really, I do. As much as I have learned to accept and work around my ADHD and I do get results...there are times when it is really frustrating! The thing is ADHD / High creativity is never cured...it is part of who you are. The challenge doesn't go way, it just gets easier to bounce back, and the challenges aren't as frequent, intense or as disruptive. As a result, I don't suffer from depression anymore...seriously...it's been years.

As for getting help, I recommend working with me as a coach...and if you can't afford that, try my books and classes. Lots of resources on my website too. : )


Thanks for responding, Ariane. A coach would be the ideal jump start. This isn't a good time for that right now, but I will definitely be following your website, and checking out your books and classes. I see the creative angle, though. I like to be involved in lots of things but I don't want to be bogged down by them. Creative. Flighty. Eh. Somebody has to do it.

Ariane Benefit, M.S.Ed.

Your Welcome Malena!

Coaching is a commitment - I totally understand. Thanks for staying in touch!

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