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June 26, 2010


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It's important to understand that since it's difficult to listen to the teacher talk without changing the subject, it's equally as difficult to listen to a friend or loved one talk without interupting or changing the subject. I argue that there are other reasons to take medicine than for only class. When taking medicine irregularly, for instance only during the school week, side effects increase because the brain is constantly adapting. Also, while the world of academia is obviously imperfect, it's structure is not the reason why people with adhd need medicated. As a fellow adhd academic female, i'm impressed with your self awareness, but i also encourage you to look at areas of your life that also get to be "paid attention" to with medicine. before medication i had so many grand ideas, and now with medication my ideas still occur with the addition of getting to realize those ideas.

Ariane Benefit, M.S.Ed.

Kelsey, I completely agree with you that there are more reasons to be consistently treated besides school.  Thanks so much for your contribution!



It's like the way people would always tell me to "just stop feeling like that" or "just stop acting like that" when I'd have severe depression. If it was that easy, I certainly would have!
I also have trouble concentrating. It may be part of the bipolar disorder but I'm not sure. I tend to have a whole bunch of thoughts all at once and it's hard to sort them out.

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