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February 28, 2010


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I don't think I am an expert on it, but I love Evernote. I use it to keep track of so many various bits of information. You can contact me if you want me to give you more details, it would be a looong comment otherwise!

Ariane Benefit, M.S.Ed.

Hi Heather,

Thanks for commenting! I would love to more details. These days, if you use a tool consistently for 6 months or more you are certainly more of an expert than most of us! And certainly you have a lot to share to help shorten the learning curve.

Do you have your own business or blog? Would you like to write an article for this blog, or let me record our conversation for others to hear on the topic or using online note taking tools?

Contact me directly to discuss options here:


Atle Iversen

Short version: I capture notes about tools, products, people, procedures, checklists, projects etc.

Long version:
- http://www.ppcsoft.com/blog/information-overload.asp

I often go back and use what I capture; especially stuff that I don't use very often, as I can't remember all the details.

(shameless plug)
I use PpcSoft iKnow which is specially designed for easy capturing, easy connection between notes, and no organizing (except that you give each little note a name). Unlike Evernote/Onenote, you cannot "dump everything" in iKnow so you are "forced" to avoid over-capturing and over-cluttering :-)
(/shameless plug)

For a quick comparison between iKnow, OneNote and Evernote:
- http://www.ppcsoft.com/blog/iknow-onenote-evernote.asp

Holly Elissa Bruno

I host an online radio program for educational leaders. Here's my question: Can you direct me to neuroscientific (or other) studies about brain pathways and disorganization? I'd like to understand the neurochemical challenges and changes that chronically disorganized folk need to address. My search leads me to a dead end with schizophrenia data. I also am seeking a guest for my program who can speak cogently about disorganization and the brain. Are you that person? If not, who do you recommend? Thank you,
Holly Elissa Bruno

Tracy Needham

I'm a huge OneNote fan and use it for everything I research, taking notes at meetings, taking notes from client calls and all the various tidbits of info that I'm always wanting to save! It integrates wonderfully with other Microsoft applications as well as Firefox (with a plug-in) to make saving info quick and easy.

While I'm not great at organizing all my notes on a topic, the powerful search feature makes everything easy to find (you can even search text in graphics, etc!). And I'm excited that it'll be easier than ever to sync OneNote files on different computers with the new version in the 2010 MS Office suite!

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