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December 30, 2009


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Ariane, thank you for this post. This is a message that many of us need to read time and again. Life is not without mistakes, but rather life does seem to be about making mistakes, working on them, improving and on to the next mistake. It's how we look at it, respond to it and take ourselves to the next level, or not. Thank you for this important message, sometimes I too forget that my mistakes are not the end of the world, but rather, hey maybe, it's the start of something better?

Ariane Benefit, M.S.Ed.

Thank you Bryan. You are such a beacon and shining example of thriving with ADD. Being compassionate with ourselves is an important part of being compassionate with others as well. Embracing mistakes doesn't meant not trying to do a good job, it just mean not the fear keep you from taking action indefinitely. Thanks so much for stopping by...and for tolerating the typos I thought I had fixed. Ah...mistakes : )

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