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October 28, 2008


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Something similar happened to me after moving... Imagine! every thing was different! from bread to towel and linen, I had to buy everything new.

Well... that was 3 months ago or so. Now I've tried so many different kind of bread (wheat, barley, rye, with seeds, of course without gluten, with corn, with oats and lots more) Different kinds of milk, different kinds of oil, different shampoo options, even different kinds of toilet paper... WOW! I changed almost every thing!

Finally, I discovered that not always the cheapest is the best option. I just tried lots and lots "things" and now I choose those I preffered when I bought them.

Alex Fayle | Someday Syndrome

I felt this at Starbuck's at the Toronto Airport last weekend. The bf and I were tired and cranky and we decided to get something to drink. I had to translate to Spanish which meant explaining the stupid tall, grande, venti sizes (instead of the logical small, medium and large) and then I was hit with about 4 other questions for the two drinks we ordered.

He wanted a milkshake and I wanted an iced-tea. Why were we tossed so many questions?

Sometimes there are too many choices.

Ariane Benefit

@ Qeutzal - yes, that is how it goes you keep trying new things, find something you like, then they stop making. When I was younger I had fun with it. But over the years it's just gotten out of hand. You have to make decisions constantly about every little thing. That sucks a lot of brain power and energy that to me, I would rather spend connecting with people - not on consuming. I guess I really notice it, cuz when I didn't have money, I don't have to think about all these choices...today every trip to the store in an exercise in CONSTANT self-restraint from buying things you don't need PLUS having to spend time deciding what to get when they stop making what you are looking for.

@ Alex - I hear ya! You want to just "grab a drink" and they keep you there forever making decisions. The "have it your way" has gotten ridiculous. And we wonder why people have become so impatient and dissatisfied with life and why we have road rage, etc. One the one had we are used to getting our way...on the other we resent it! LOL

Angela Esnouf

One of my pet hates is the choice of pattern on toilet paper. The supermarket aisle is crammed with so many different kinds of toilet paper - double length, recycled paper, textured, 3 ply, etc. I know the kind I like and stick to it. But then I still have to make a choice about the pattern on it - seashells, flowers, puppies. My main gripe is that surely all these different inks and patterns cost both the earth and the consumer in the end. I just want plain white.


Oh yes, so much choice! I've recently read an article online (but can't find it now) that more choice makes us unhappier. It takes up so much energy to have to choose all the time that it drains us, literally. I'm all for trying new things, but supermarkets and such get so overwhelming.
Food-wise, I have to stick to a pretty strict diet (the kind to keep the weight on) so that sort of makes it easier for me. We have lots of light and diet products in the store, but clearly there isn't much of a market for the 'fatty' kind of food. I stick to the 'fatty' stuff (non-skimmed yoghurt, non-diet cookies, non-light butter or whatever you call them). It actually makes it a bit easier....
I did have to introduce a few new items into my diet, and that literally kept me occupied for quite some time. I'd rather do some cooking in that time though....


I am not at all sick of choice. Sometime choices are good, but sometimes it generates confusion in mind.

Ariane Benefit


You are so right! I only use white Toilet paper ever I found out I was sensitive to the dyes.


Thanks for sharing about that article. I wish you had a link to it. Let me if you come across anything like that again!

Veronica is right...choice in some areas is great...but it can get out of hand and become ridiculous!

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