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September 08, 2008


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I wanted to make one small correction - hurricane season starts June 1. So, while it's been a busy season since we're already up to "i" that definitely hasn't happened within the past 8 days. Historically, September tends to be one of the busiest hurricane months.

You have some great suggestions. I would add one more - inventory your home contents. There are several home inventory programs available online (Know Your Stuff - http://www.knowyourstuff.org/ - is one of them). That will help you immensely in the unfortunate case you need to file a claim.

Janet Barclay

Another benefit of using online tools such as Google Apps is that it saves space on your hard drive.

Ariane Benefit

@ Debra, Thanks so much for the correction! I should have known that. And thanks for the tip on KnowyourStuff.org. Great Resource!

@Janet, so true. It does save a lot of space on my drive. And makes backing up easier.

John Trosko

Good information Ariane! Great to see you writing! - John

Ariane Benefit

Hey John! Thanks for the welcome back - I've missed you! It's good to be back!


What valuable information. Lots of great advice here. Thank you for sharing!

Ariane Benefit

Thanks everyone for stopping by and leaving a note! I love hearing from you!


Hello, I used to live in a place without risk of huricanes, but I move recently and now I'm not sure at all hehehe. Are there huricanes in NY?

Ariane Benefit

Hi Quetzal, We don't have as many hurricanes as Florida, but we do get them. Usually they aren't as intense by the time they reach us. Mainly we tend to get flooding here. : )

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