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August 21, 2008


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John Trosko

Great to have you back Ariane!


Megan @ Disorder2Order

So glad to see your post! I hope you had a good summer and I look forward to seeing what you have in the pipeline!

Cynthia Friedlob, The Thoughtful Consumer

Welcome back! Your continuing accomplishments are inspiring!


I really enjoyed reading about ADD as I've just recently learned my son may have Inattentive ADHD. You have some resources on your site that I've not found yet and will be visiting those sites soon. Thank you!

Janine Sarna-Jones

Sounds like September is keeping you busy. I'll see you in St. Louis next week and good luck on your exam!

Ariane Benefit

Hi John, Megan, Cynthia, Jeri & Janine!

It's really great to hear from you all.

Jeri, Getting the diagnosis is just the beginning of an incredible journey. The good news is that you can make life work with ADD. Keep the faith - your son is very lucky to have a mom who is willing to do the research and help him learn to manage his personal brand of ADD : )

All the best,

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