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February 21, 2008


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Joanna Young

Ariane, you are such an inspiration.

I cannot bear to think of you being labelled, or feeling that you are, were, living with shame.

But that is probably the reality for so many people, and there's little point shying away from it.

I am sure that your post a few days ago will have struck a chord with many, and this one will go even deeper.

You know this will generate even more e-mail for you! But it will be good, and important stuff, I'm sure, because it will come from the heart.

With all best wishes Ariane




Great post!! :)

I've read a bit on these things & see myself in some of the stuff too.. I'm mostly against medication (of all kinds lol), but I know it's a personal decision for everyone.. and not an easy one..

Basically the culture we live in, the nutrition, the stress, the lack of important nutrients (& too much bad stuff in artificial additeves etc), environmental pollution, EMF (electromagnetic fields) etc - I think all these have an influence, and ideally we'd manage to do away with those bad influences and live a happier healthier life.. naturally..

Will be looking to learn more about the techniques that can help everyone from your blog & website though!!:)

You really are an inspiration!! :)

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