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August 29, 2007


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Greg Provance

Great advice, Ariane. Love your focus on keeping things simple...a crucial, often over-looked principle.
By the way, I'm a Virginia boy...hope you are enjoying your vacation there!
Thanks for the great blog...
Greg Provance

Fake Webmink

It was Lao Tzu...not Confucius.

Confucius was the clutter guy...

Ariane Benefit

@ Greg, Thanks for your note! Virgnia was awesome!

@ Fake, thanks for the correction...I thought the source sounded wrong when I first Googled it...I should have dug deeper. : )


gonna take ur advice and do somethinf about the clutter in my life ...
am sure i can find the 2 minutes to start it off ...
thanks for this ...

Personal Growth

I believe that i have a lot of clutter in my life and i ought to take care of all that.Thanks for all the advice and the resourceful help.

Personal Growth

Thanks for the update man i have a lot of clutter up in my mind and in my life and i believe that i have to take care of it and clean it up.


I really need this in my life right now. I'm moving out of my 4400 sq ft home into a 1200 sq ft home. I dint even know where to begin and am so overwhelmed with everything I have. I also have 5 storage units that need to be simplified.

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