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August 03, 2007


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Dawud Miracle

Oh Ariane, you're too nice. Before I began using filter rules on email a few years ago, the most cluttered place on my computer was my inbox. But not any more. I'm just grateful someone share this with me. Just for the record, I do go back and evaluate my filtering system every 3-4 months.

Now, if I could just find a successful way to unclutter my bookmarks.

Ariane Benefit

Hi Dawud!
I know what you mean about the bookmarks! I keep some bookmarks in project folders so I have the sites that relate to particular project there.

I also have a private blog in which I keep most of my organizing related bookmarks because I love how I can put one bookmark in multiple categories! : ) But just as with stuff, I've learned to be really careful what I bookmark in the first place!


Wow! Awesome post and great information! I'm going to have to save all of his information. Very informative.

I'm glad your new name change happened seemlessly. Everything looks great!

Ariane Benefit

Thanks Julie! And thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad this info helps you!

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