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July 11, 2007


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Jeri Dansky

What a great resource, Ariane - thanks for sharing.

Another interesting one is Scribble Couture, which will make clutches and totes from your child's art work.


I discovered your blog over on Blog Village and wanted to let you know how helpful and chocked full of info I'm finding it. Great job! I'm dealing with the clutter issue after moving from a large home to a much smaller one. It's almost overwhelming at the moment but you give me hope. Thanks. I'll be back.

This particular post is a great link too for children's artwork. Another way to deal with the artwork is to scan pieces you'd like to save and keep on your computer.

Ariane Benefit

Jeri & Sheila, Thanks for stopping by and contributing your ideas! The Scribble Couture is ADORABLE!! I can't beleive I left out the idea of scanning the art work! Thanks for adding it!

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