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June 09, 2007


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Cynthia Friedlob, The Thoughtful Consumer

I don't know what I'd do without a shredder, but this one looks like a smart upgrade from our current model, even though it is smaller. Being able to shred credit cards and CD/DVDs would be great! And it looks like it has a good handle to pull out the basket. Thanks for the tip.

Ariane Benefit

Yeah, I really like it. It's small, but so much easier to empty, it's well worth it. Let me know if you get it!

Cynthia Friedlob, The Thoughtful Consumer

Got it!

We're keeping our large shredder in another convenient location because it does a great job with up to twelve sheets of paper per shred and we use it regularly. We also have a big shredding project coming up -- but that's another story.

This shredder is so small that it's a perfect fit on top of a bookcase right by my computer. Now I have no excuse not to shred useless stuff immediately.

Thanks for the tip!

Ariane Benefit

So glad it worked out for you!! It's so nice to never have a TO SHRED pile!

Mike Rybeck

Just FYI:
The unit draws a small amount of power even when it's turned off (blue light out); measured on my power meter. There's not much difference when the blue LED is on (ready mode) and when it's off, so the whole power saving concept of automatic turnoff is negated.
Not sure why it was designed like this, but to turn it off completely, pull out the container slightly until the microswitch disengages, then the power draw drops to zero.

Ariane Benefit

Thanks for the tip Mike!


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Fellowes Paper Shredders

These Destroyit Shredders are compact enough to keep beside the desk and sleekly styled for any decor, yet all have the same high-grade steel cutting heads and 10-year warranty as the largest Destroyit shredders. Every model takes staples and paper clips.

Clay W.

Sounds like a great personal shredder, but for most people it would drive them a bit madding to have to fold all their papers in half just to shred. Do they make a strip cut shredder?

Ariane Benefit, M.S.Ed.

I believe they do...but I haven't been looking lately. Mine is still working great. still no jams. I shred immediately so folding the papers is not that much of a hassle compared to how easy it is to empty the shredder. If you have a LOT of full-size paper to shred, definitely get the larger one. : )

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