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June 15, 2007


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Tea Party Girl

My number one would be raw almonds. They're the best non-salted nuts, I think (my children also like walnuts). I know nuts are "fattening" but as a mother who has to come up with non-wheat AND non-dairy foods, it can be tricky.

And then there's tea~but you can't chew it, I know. But consider checking out my articles page at my website for the "Tea as Dessert" article.

Jeri Dansky

I like Whole Foods' 365 Organic Italian Dressing. It says gluten free, and I don't see any sugar or sweeteners in the ingredients list.

Another thing I'm eating a lot of lately are sardines. I eat them on toast (100% rye, no sugar, purchased at my local farmers' market) for breakfast. That won't work for someone avoiding gluten - but there are certainly other ways to use sardines. My local newspaper recommended the King Oscar Tiny Tots brand.

Another good product - has gluten, though - is American Flatbread pizza. The Thoughtful Consumer got me to try these, and now I always have at least one in my freezer. http://thethoughtfulconsumer.blogspot.com/2007/03/are-there-any-simple-decisions.html

My favorite healthy snack foods are:

1. Just Strawberries - expensive, but tasty!
I like Just Blueberries, too.

2. Unsalted pistachios

3. Fresh cherries - for right now, anyway, since they are in season and absolutely wonderful

Cynthia Friedlob, The Thoughtful Consumer

I wrap sweet potatoes in a paper towel to microwave them and the are still nice and moist. I think the trick is not to overcook them. No brown sugar on top, but I like my cinnamon!

Also, I have a suggestion if you use butter or margarine in your home. Many years ago I adapted and simplified a useful recipe from a health food cook book (either "Laurel's Kitchen" or "Diet for a Small Planet" -- can't remember, both are great).

Just mix two sticks of softened butter and one cup of canola oil in a blender. Pour into a container and refrigerate. You get a tasty, lower fat, healthier spread without all the chemicals in margarine.


Ariane Benefit

Thanks for all the great ideas!

@TeaPartyGirl - I love almonds too. I always have them in my office. Tea is a great addition to the list. I'm going to try using just tea as a desert.

@Jeri - Thanks for the tips on the organic dressing and the Just Strawberries...they look awesome! I'm loving the fresh cherries too!

@Cynthia - Thanks for the tip on the Sweet Potatoes, I'm going to try using a paper towel instead of the plastic. The butter idea is really interesting too! I'm curious why it's lower fat though...oil is 100% fat and so is butter. hmmm...I would think the canola oil would just make the butter softer?

Cynthia Friedlob, The Thoughtful Consumer

Ah -- lower saturated fat probably would be the more accurate description. It does make the butter softer so you can't leave it out of the refrigerator for very long or it gets pretty soupy. But it's tasty!



Great list!! I'd offer up our gluten free pizza crust, but it does have a very tiny amount of sugar in it.

Ariane Benefit

Tara, I checked the ingredients...there are 2g or sugar per serving, that's not too bad. As long that's all the sugar for the day, it could still classify as healthy : )

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