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June 14, 2007


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Gretchen Rubin

Zoikes, I love before-and-after photos. Seeing your transformation is so inspiring. I love the fact that you can zip your chair anywhere you want, without any desk supports getting in the way.

The monitor riser was a great idea, too -- do you like having the double monitor? I considered that but then decided I didn't think it would make that much different.

You didn't include the answer to one important question: how many bags of trash did you throw away?????

It's so true that outer order brings inner serenity. It just does. Congrats!


I LOVE your blog!!!! And I am very jealous of your office. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad to have you as a reader and you can't count on me to be visiting yours quite often and sending my readers over.

I also wanted to let you know I tagged you over at this post: http://www.declutterit.com/seven-random-facts-about-the-woman-behind-declutter-it

If you have the time great! If not, no sweat. I pass on about a tag a day just about. :)

Thanks again!


This is a great post! To show a before and after is one thing- but give us al the nitty gritty inbetween is awesome. Looks great!

Also, hurray for dual monitors! I "lobbied" to get them here at work for my team and it has made a huge difference in our productivity. I recomend them to everyone - haha! Reading emails on one side and being able to enter information on the other side is a big thing!

The Diva of Letting Go

gorgeous color, Ariane, what a peaceful command central you have. It's soothing and powerful at the same time. Rock on, GF!


Jessica from It's Not About Your Stuff

Brandie Kajino

Fabulous sister! Congrats!! Your office is gorgeous, and thanks so much for your kind words. Creating spaces that we love, and nurture who we are is vital to our happiness IMHO. :) You've inspired me to "re-feng shui" my office. Mine is still a work in progress...and yours is an inspiration, just as you are! :)

Ariane Benefit

Thanks so much for visiting and for all your great comments! This post took me all week to get written and it's great to see that I've inspired a few of you to work on your own spaces.

@ Gretchen: Believe it or not I did not have much trash! I did recycle a couple paper grocery bags worth of paper though. I also gave away a lot of furniture (I'm so lucky my cleaning crew could use desks, lamps, etc. So now my old office will become a den/guest bedroom.

@ Julie: Thanks for stopping by! I will rise to the challenge of your tag! I love your blog too! : )

@ Melissa & Gretchen: Dual MOnitors ROCK!! I wish I had Three! Melissa you are so right...it is AWESOME to be able to have multiple windows open when you need to open one page to get the link and another to modify a graphic etc.

@ Jessica - Good to see you!! Thanks for the feedback. I do feel powerful in here. Even when I come in here tired I get energized again.

@ Brandie - Can't wait to see your new office...I'm sure it will be amazingly beautiful!

Sandy Renshaw

Hi Ariane,

It's a beautiful new space. I'm working on mine, too, and can't wait to show pictures. It really makes a difference in how I feel and what I can get done. I especially like this comment:

BTW: I have my client folders in my Feng Shui prosperity corner with a light shining on them. Since I moved in, I've been booking a new client every day this week - And this is normally my slow season!

That is cool.


Ariane Benefit

Thanks Sandy! I hope you love yours as much as I love mine! : )


Thanks for sharing your office photos... I love the layout, I also have since moved my office into a larger room, and pondered for weeks trying to find the right desk and place it in the right feng shui area, unfortunately my left shoulder is facing the door instead of my entire body. However, I have a question regarding the feng shui positions on your desk, did you use the bagua just on the desk?
Great photos again!

Ariane Benefit

Hi Deborah! My left shoulder is to my door most of the time too...but I do a lot of my work facing the door as well. I used the bagua only on the room...not so much on the desk because it's so big and curved and really a huge part of the room. Thanks for stopping by!


Wow, I cant believe that its the same office. Looks amazing. And the price wasnt too bad at all! Amazing transformation!

Custom Furniture

No way, I would never have said that that is the same office. Looks completely different! Good job!

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