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June 12, 2007


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Suzanne Babb-McLoone

Wow, Ariane! I had no idea my little Voicemail system was featured on that site. Talk about a fun treat! I read your blog and I find me.

I have used the Follow Up Voicemail Log Book and as far as a mass produced tool goes, it works out fairly well. I like have a bit more freedom of print size and length of written notes, but for the quick and easy...it's pretty easy!

Thanks again for the update!

Ariane Benefit

Hi Suzanne! That's what happens when you write a great article! Thanks for your notes on the Follow up Voicemail Log Book! I thought about creating a custom one for my needs but didn't want to take the time. I'm one of those that would probably put other messages in their too!

BTW, I use the method of putting a slash through the message once I've returned the call. Then I put a date for each time I follow-up and leave a message.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note!


Terry Matlen

Hi Ariane,

I am really enjoying your terrific blog. Thanks for mentioning mine.
For phone messages, I use a simple stenographer notebook and note the date of the call. When I return calls, I simply put a check next to the note. I also number each call- I'm not sure why; maybe to make it seem more organized.

Keep up the great work. I wish you lived in my town; I have some rooms here that need help!


Ariane Benefit

Thanks for stopping by Terry! I like your idea! For me, a regular notebook was too tempting to use for other things...having a preprinted form made a huge difference for me! : )

I'd love to help you, too! : )

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