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June 13, 2007


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Jessica Duquette

I have the magic solution (and by the way, I am TOTALLY with you on using Feedblitz!).

When you come across a blog that you like that doesn't have one of those Feedblitz sign up thingies (why doesn't EVERYONE???), all you have to do it go here:


and add the URL of the blog and voila! You get your normal Feedblitz email. BTW, I got this tidbit straight from the gorgeous Phil, the owner and founder of Feedblitz.

You can make your own "blog reader" of sorts by creating a folder (I use Outlook) and then making a message rule so that the feedblitz emails go straight to that folder.

That's what I do and it works for me. I am just as picky about which blogs I read as which files to keep in my file cabinet!

thanks, Ariane, for spending the dough to have your feedblitz feed come in separately (I think it's about $5/mo). When you upgrade, you can also tweak the design of your feed, and that is great for branding, too.


Jessica from It's Not About Your Stuff.

Ariane Benefit

Jessica, You ROCK! Thanks so much for the Add Feed link. It's now on my links List!

I do the same thing with my Outlook, I use Rules and Folders to direct mail to it's home.

I don't pay for Feedblitz, so I wonder why you get my feed separately? Hmmm...I'll look into that. I get my own feed along with yours and others all in one email.

Thanks again for stopping by! XOXO

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