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June 10, 2007


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Ariane, all your cats are gorgeous but I am IN LOVE with that solid grey one. OMG what a beauty! I have a soft spot for grey cats, as my favorite cat ever (1985 to 1998) was a sweet, all-grey little girl.

Although there are days when I'd like to put all three of my cats into the recycle bin, I do love them, vomit, hairballs and hungry screeching indignation and all...

Ariane Benefit

Sorry Monica, but you have to get in line....ALL the ladies are in love with him! He has so many girlfriends he'd make Casanova proud!

He knows he's gorgeous too. You should see him show off - he prances around in front of you, then comes over to get his head rubbed so you can show your appreciation for his display. As a thank you for the head petting, he lays down, rolls over and shows you his furry belly!

I know what you mean...no matter how annoying they can be, I love them madly and miss them terribly when I'm gone. : )

Thanks for stopping by!


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