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January 19, 2007


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Wendy Piersall

Bravo! What great healthy eating goals! I love them!! ;)


Hi Ariane,
I hear you about staying on track...it is so hard and I would be lost without planned meals. I like your idea of preparing some meals on the weekend and freezing them. I too have a sugar addiction to curb.
Have a great weekend!


Menu planning is the only way we make it through the week without unnecessary stops at fast food places.

I am also trying to change my eating habits and get walking more, but it is just a constant effort.


My feeling for "full" is so out of whack, I won't try to figure it out right now. Instead, I eat from small plates. I prepare snacks in tiny portions, and eat slowly. I drink more water.
Our bodies have fat clutter. I'm ready to purge! It's time for it to match my home and my mind! We can do this!

Ariane Benefit

Thank you all so much for your support! (In spite of all the typos I made in the above post.) It's so nice to know I'm not alone in this struggle.

thanks for your support and encouragement...I love being in your Master Mind group!

I hear you about walking more - it's not easy, especially in the winter, but I'm trying!

I've been off sugar & gluten for a year now...and lately I've been eating things with both in them again. Nothing like I used to, and I'm not adding sugar, but a couple times a week, I'm eating stuff like sweetened cereal. Just because it's fast. And I can feel the difference! I highly recommend the book Sugar Shock. Stopping sugar improved my life dramatically. One of these days, I post in depth about it. : )


You are so right about the small plates. As part of actually "organizing to lose weight" I'm thinking about packing away all my larger plates and bowls and putting them up in the attic. Honestly what passes for a cereal bowl should probably be a serving dish!

Hugz to you all!


Jessica Duquette

Hey, dear sister, once again we are on the same track! I am getting off the sugar habit and taking care of myself through food starting now, as well. Thanks for the inspiration!



Ariane Benefit

UPDATE - July 2011

This post is part of my digital trail...It shows me how far I have come in my evolution. I would NEVER have written this in 2011.

5 years later and over 100 pounds shed I've learned many things.

See my update for why I'll never bother to menu plan again.

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