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December 08, 2006


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Anita Hampl

Ariane, I applaud you for providing a guide for trimming lists! The point of sending a card is NOT the card - it's how you might make a recipient feel - that you made the effort to touch them. It's pointless to send cards to folks who will regard them as a nuisance - there's already enough junk mail in the world! But you are so right on about older people - who often tend to feel lonely - the great digital divide has isolated many of them even more, so real paper cards that they can touch are still valuable and important. Thanks!

Anita Hampl

Ariane, I'd love for you to look at the system I use - see http://RoswellCardLady.com and take the tour (it's only 4 minutes long). This lets you select a card from the on-line catalog, type in your personal message, click SEND and they do the rest - they print, stuff, stamp, and a mail a REAL card with a REAL stamp! It has been so easy people to send holiday cards this year - but you can also send one card at a time, on a whim ("thanks for lunch", "here's a picture from the reunion", "get well soon"). It's fun and costs less than $1.50 per card, mailed!

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