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November 28, 2006


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Francesca Clarke

Do you know if there is anything like this in Canada? I can't seem to find refrence to it, but it's also the type of thing Revenu Canada wouldn't go out of it's way to let you know (although it would be wise for thrift stores to promore)!

Ariane Benefit

Hi Francesca,

I had no idea how Canada handles donations & taxes...but I googled it and found this article...
I haven't read it all, but it appears that Canada does not allow as much of a deduction as US does (we get about 25 - 50%) of the appraised market value.



This is awesome! My husband and I regularly try to get rid of our clutter and we give a lot of stuff to the local Goodwill, but we don't keep a good record of it and I'm afraid we don't get back out of it what we could. This will really help us in the next year.

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