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September 30, 2006


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Sarah Zeldman

I hope you'll tell us all about that system you have for making sure that you use your leftovers!



"Don't buy CDs or DVDs anymore - we download music - we get 25 songs free every month with our comcast cable internet service. The super high speed internet pays for itself with all the research we do on it."

Good for you; someone who actually uses the service for more than just connections. Are you going through Rhapsody?

Id Ra

Hi. I have Comcast High Speed Internet too, and had no idea that I get free music downloads. Will have to look into that one. I wonder if it is particular to your contract or is just something I'm overlooking or need to call up and seize ;>

Ariane Benefit

Dawn -

Yes, the service is Rhapsody...

Id Ra -

I don't know if it's a local thing...we got a Comcast.net news email over a year ago telling us we could do it ...so we do!! : ) Call your local provider and find out...it's worth it!
Good Luck


itunes also offers 2 free songs a week


"Not Buying It: my year without shopping" by Judith Levine is a great read for people interested in living more frugally. She and her husband decide not to purchase anything but the essentials for a year. She goes through the year in diary fashion and weighs all of her decisions and lapses.


Re: #12, I guess this one is kind of obvious, but - why buy water at all? Get a Brita if your tap water tastes bad, and pick up a Nalgene or sports bottle if you need to carry it, but for heaven's sake don't add to the landfill and to the environmental cost of transporting it from Fiji or Calistoga or where ever.

This one may also be obvious - but learn how to cook well, and then only buy produce in season. This also keeps your diet interesting over the progress of the year.


LIBRARY: books, movies, music, magazines (and if you are really cheap, free wifi)
USED: in our society you rarely have to buy something new. This includes: furniture, clothing, purses, books, cds, cars, toys, hats, coats, etc.
FOOD: I buy about half of my items from SaveaLot or Aldi (mostly dairy and other staples)
BEAUTY: I say no to high end makeup and hair products.
I highlight my own hair every 8 weeks for $8.00.
I go to Great Clips (Super Cuts) about 3/4 of the time and then to my "good stylist" the rest of the time to give it really good lines (my hair is short and stylish...my 22 yo son who cuts his own hair says it's all about styling and product and I agree!)

Not counting gas, food and housing, I spend about $30 per week this way and I'm very entertained.

Ariane Benefit

@ Kelly, that's awesome!! I buy books used on Amazon...they make it so convenient! I color my own hair...but I have to say, I tried Super Cuts a few times when I was in college...never again! Every time my hair came out awful. I'm pretty vain about my hair...so I don't skimp there. I just don't get it cut as often! : )

@ TasterSpoon. I buy water, because I didn't liek the taste of Brita. Our water is horrible and filtering isn't good enough! I hate having to recycle the plastic bottles, but if I don't use the individual bottles, I don't drink enough water. As soon as they start putting water in bio-plastic, I'll be there! : )


One of the biggest things that we have done is furnish our home via garage sales. We have a full size bar ($20) and and dining room set ($25) not to mention the many other items such as chairs that we have gotten well below that cost of buying them new!


Another great place to get furniture and household items would be at auctions. You can locate auctions in your area at:
www.auctionzip.com We've even bought vintage items at some of the estate sales and sold them on eBay for a little extra income.


I enjoyed your list. I enjoy sharing and giving ideas that is helpful like this. That is why I started my blog. Thanks for the great info.



I loved your list. I already checked off several things from the list that we as a family already do. Organization is a key factor when attempting to save money. I have just recently finished reading Having It All, Achieving Your Life's Goals and Dreams by John Assaraf, and it really helping me organize my thoughts and set a goal for the future. I feel like all the things to save money here and there that I already do have helped tremendously, but know I have the courage to even do more. John inspires and assures you that all things are possible no matter who you are. Thanks for all your tip. I could not have stumbled upon them at a better time, completing John's book and reading your blog.


I was wondering if you could correct the link back to http://frugalforlife.com/25-ways-i-save-money/ as that would be very helpful. Thanks!


Hi there,
Just found your great site. I really think everyone who lives in a house should really have a rainwater tank. We live in Australia and all our water is supplied by our 100,000 litre tank. The water tastes great not to mention how soft it is. It just makes you that little bit more self sufficient.It will soon be mandatory here for all new houses to have them! I don't know what they cost in the states but it is a great long term investment....no more drink bottles!! Joy

Ariane Benefit

Joy, a rainwater tank sounds awesome... where do you put it? We have a tiny lot and our space would not hold a big tank, but I'm sure a lot of people could. Thanks for the tip!


Thanks for the great list. I just wanted to add that we get haircuts at our local cosmetology college. The students are always really careful to do a good job because they're being graded. An adult cut costs $8.50, and they often have coupons in the newspaper. My husband's last haircut was only 6.50! Plus it gives them needed experience.

S.P. Gass

Here's another one: cancel the cable or satellite TV subscription. The most popular programs are broadcast free-of-charge over the air anyway: http://lowtechtimes.com/2008/02/11/cablesatellite-vs-free-tv/


Save money in your home office. A lot of companies sell cheap printers but they are not so cheap!! The cost of owning a printer becomes expensive if you cannot print double sided and if the toner constantly needs to be re-filled..


I see this is an older blog but I was absolutely fascinated. I hadn't even heard of some of those tips. Is there any way you could give me more information on #3--moving your home equity loan to 0% interest. Is that a pain to do? How do you get the 'junk mail' from banks offering 0% interest--I know you have really cut down on junk mail. I actually never get those offeres. My husband and daughter do sometimes, but not often and not me. Thank you

1 Button To WiFi Review Gal

We just down-sized by buying a smaller home. This past year we have also decided to only eat on special events (birthdays, anniversarys...etc). We were shocked at how much we were eating out, almost once per week.


I really enjoyed your list, but you had a few grammar problems here and there. You should spell check before hitting send.

Kathleen Anderson

Don't buy excess paper products. I stocked up on cheap dishtowels, hand towels, and washclothes and use them for everything(unless the impossible mess!) Spent only $22.00 at a discount store.Cut and color my own hair and never go to stores or malls.No gym--walk when possible. Borrow from library--they even have computers to use! When I take the car out to an appointment ,I co-ordinate trip with errends and grocery stores on the way.Moved to small house and only fill up with oil 2 times a year.Dine out 1 or 2 times a month . Ptobably some of these ideas are repititions but they really help!


Great tips.
We also currently do a few of your tips...


I'm a Comcast subscriber. How do you get 25 free music downloads per month? PRAY TELL??

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