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December 31, 2005


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Cool site. Lots of neat ideas, information and tips. Just starting out with the whole blog thing myself but I'll be back.

Dirty Butter

You have some good ideas here! We do keep the litter box in the hall bathroom, but we keep it in the tub, along with the food and water. I have a bathmat under the box, so tracked litter is easy to put back where it belongs.

I keep a small covered trashcan in the bathroom, with some kitty litter in the bottom for odor control. Empty grocery bags are in there, too, plus one that I put all tied up waste bags in, until it goes in the trash. This contains the odor quite well.

Ariane Benefit

Thanks for all your comments!

Javier Tadefa

Thanks for the pet information. I especially enjoyed the tip about the pet brushes.

The new homes we build in Oklahoma have some tile, standard, in all the homes which will make it easier to clean pet fur. You can see our homes at http://www.besthomesinc.org

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