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February 03, 2010


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Lesbian Loves Glass

I once hired a hypnotherapist to help me with my chronic insomnia. She told me something that really stuck with me....she said "babies dont get insomnia". Translation: insomnia is in your head alone. Babies dont get insomnia because they have none of our daily worries. I try to keep this in mind while I am counting sheep at 3am and worrying about work, money, my girlfriend and world peace.

Ariane Benefit, M.S.Ed.

Interesting perspective. Insomnia can be caused by biological issues. Not having regular sleep rhythms is a problem too. I would also add emotions to the "head" problem. : )



Great article!

I would add that doing To-Do lists before bed doesn't seem okay for me!! (Made me wake up and jot down ideas all night!) Also, if I was super-excited about some good news - so either good or bad news (or thinking about a crush!:) can cause insomnia.
I am not very religious, and to my great surprise sometimes praying can help. :)

I would say 'Turn off computer at least 1 or 2 hours before sleep' is a must, often finding 'one more exciting website/bit of news' can buzz me up and wake me!

Journalling can get things out of my head, however if overdone in the middle of the night, it can be counter-effective: so now I do journal some before sleep, if necessary, but after a few times make an effort to try to remember 'that fab idea' and jot it down in the morning, instead of writing 'em up all night!
Also listening to songs made me songwrite all night at a time! These things are probably very individual..
Found what works best is having to get up early and then getting sleepy sooner than expected!

As for foam plugs, not sure if long-term use every night is okay, it was 'not recommended' by pharmacists. There are ways to prevent snoring, so it might be better to work on those, if possible. (Maybe even consider separate chambers at times, eg alcohol or some foods can block nasal passages and make snoring louder.)

Paul Stout

Circadian Rhythms play a huge role in being able to sleep, and in so many disorders based on a disturbed rhythm.

Coming out of light research are fascinating insights and aids. Note that SAD lights to treat depression are blue light. It is known that the eyes not only have a pathway to the optic nerve, but also the suprachiasmatic nucleus. Blue light in the morning follows this pathway and stimulates the hormone cascade, turning on important hormones and shutting off others (lowers melatonin and increases serotonin, for example). What color is the dawn? Get out for a morning walk.

thebodyblues.com has a great article (Let There Be Dark) on the need for evening darkness to reverse the process; lower serotonin and raise melatonin.

Bi-Polar research has found that keeping patients in the dark in the evening (hard to do) greatly aids their condition. Would you be surprised that they are finding that by blocking the blue wavelengths (by wearing amber safety glasses) is doing the same thing?

In short, you need to turn on the light in the AM (blue 470nm being the key)and get the lights off (especially blue) in the evening. TV's, computers and lights prevent our brains from releasing the wonderful melatonin which aids sleep and is a super anti-oxidant.

If you have trouble turning down the lights, avoiding TV/computer at 8PM, and retiring at 10PM, try wearing a pair of amber glasses (just cheap safety glasses) around the house after 8 or 10 PM and see what it does for you. It really helps me fall asleep.

Paul Stout
President, Mrs. A's Coupon Organizer
and reader and friend of Ariane


Some people with deviated septums have these symptoms for years and can't figure out why they aren't sleeping well. Fixing the septum works wonders. Sometimes it's really just something simple like that. After surgery their lives change so much.


Hello, I followed all of your regards and it really helped. Unfortunately I have some allergic problems, too, that bother my sleep, but I think I'm doing very well at the moment. Thanks for your tips!

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