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October 17, 2009


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I LOVE the show Hoarders..I am not a hoarder, but if I was, I would most definitely submit an application to be on the show. I do feel really sad for these people, hoarding trash and items that are old and not needed anymore.


Thank you so much for posting this. I know someone who is a hoarder, but they are in denial and make excuses for why they do it. They would never go on the show, but maybe someone who desperately need help will see this and get the help they need.

Ariane Benefit, M.S.Ed.

Hi Desiree and Helen,

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I also hope that someone who needs help and can't afford to get it privately will be blessed by the services this show offers. I also pray that anyone who participates in such a public airing of their problems is not traumatized by being on the show. In my experience working with hoarder, just making the call for help is incredibly stressful. Many clients have told me that it took them months and years to get up the courage to call me and confide their problems.

There are no perfect solutions, and I do believe that shows like this may help increase public understanding of the problem and hopefully will encourage more people to seek out the help they need.

All the best,


I equate the show "Hoarders" with "Intervention" the reality show spotlighting drug and alcohol addicts. The unfortunate difference is that Intervention ends with someone offered treatment for 3 to 9 months. "Hoarders" does not seem to have this kind of follow-through.

The first season "hoarders" were faced with truly desperate situations - eviction, losing their family, and in many cases several trucks "Junk" showed up along with a professional organizer and some kind of therapist. TWO DAYS.

Oprah's organizer, who's style I love from Mission Organization, Peter Walsh. On Oprah he followed up with one of the people on Hoarders. She admitted that she did not get it during the taping.

Ultimately, I hope that the A&E does have best intentions and will move beyond the wow factor and into real healing.

Chelsey Stephens

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