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September 29, 2009


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Matthew Cornell

Hi Ariane. I found you via Mark Shead's blog http://www.productivity501.com/biggest-productivity-challenge/3974/ (I'm the "IdeaMatt" :-) I've seen the same thing in the workflow realm, and I take it as a good sign. You're being contacted because you're a success. I especially appreciate that you've turned your value into a service for aspiring organizers. Well done.



(P.S. Your link "More Tips for Learning to Become a Professional Organizer" is broken.)

Anne Blumer

Hi Ariane,
I read a “tweet” about your blog post titled How to Become a Professional Organizer. I wanted to make you aware, in case you are not, of my Professional Organizer training and education programs. I offer seminars, webinars, self-study programs, and now my book Get Rich Organizing The Professional Organizers Survival Guide to Launch, Manage, and Grow a Profitable Business as resources for professional organizer training and education. I have trained hundreds of participants the world-over for the past five years.

If you would like to learn about my training programs, you can visit my Web site www.ProfessionalOrganizerTrainingInstitute.com or we can talk sometime by phone—it would be nice to connect. I offer a free 90-minute Introduction to the Organizing Profession Webinar monthly that you can refer people to who inquire about how to become a Professional Organizer.

Anne Blumer, CPO


Best book I found on this is How to Start Your Own Home Based Professional Organizing Business by Dawn Noble. Here it is on Amazon: SEE BOOK HERE

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