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November 19, 2008


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Jeri Dansky

Thanks for the link to my gift card post, Ariane!

You've got some great suggestions here, but may I comment on the "shop online" advice? I certainly agree that can save time. But I also would like to put in a plug for buying from local merchants that you'd like to have stay in business - including people like massage therapists and estheticians, who sell gift certificates. Another nice option is buying at local holiday craft fairs.

Both of these options keep me away from the craziness of the malls, and let me support worthy small businesses.

Ariane Benefit, M.S.Ed.

Hi Jeri, I totally agree. Shopping locally is my first preference for consumables.

But don't forget that many local stores get their products shipped to them in order to have them in stock.

So if you have to ship your gift anyway, shopping online allows you to possibly reduce the total number of times the product is shipped by having the product directly shipped to the gift recipient.

Many online vendors now direct ship from the manufacturer or a single regional warehouse. So the shipping is going to happen one way or the other. The real answer is not to stop shipping, but to come up with energy alternatives that don't pollute - Like Algae farms that make Bio-Diesel in the desert! that's an idea I can really get behind.

Ariane Benefit, M.S.Ed.

p.s here's a link to a video clip about algea farms. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6gQ89nSEno

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