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December 15, 2007


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Jeri Dansky

Thanks, Ariane! The issue of warranty cards came up recently, and I realized I wasn't totally sure about the issues and legalities. But now that I've done some research I feel pretty confident!

gl hoffman

I stopped sending them years ago when i realized i was just helping create a new mailing list. Good blog...i like your writing.

Jay, writer MemberSpeed.com

Honestly, I have never really used warranty cards before. There has been absolutely no need for me to anyway. I went over and checked out the link you provided and I agree that there is really no need to send in those cards. And if I ever need to, I could always opt to not fill out those check boxes they have.

Ariane Benefit

Thanks everyone for your notes! I appreciate your contribution. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who never sends in those cards. : )

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