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July 22, 2007


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Monica Ricci

Ariane, please take good care of yourself! I've actually been sick for three weeks now but it was some crud I picked up in Vegas, not at a client's house. What a challenging situation you had with this client. This definitely beats my rat in the closet story.

Ariane Benefit

Thank you Monica! I really do try to take care of myself. I take vitamins, fish oil, and make lots of whole fruit juices & sugar free smoothies with my Vitamix. But I guess there is only so much you can do. : ) I gotta check out your rat story!


I decided to clean out my office last week. I have boxes of inventory everywhere and tried to organize everything. I ended up getting stung by a scorpion! Not fun!

Ariane Benefit

Yikes! You get the prize for Ultimate Hazards of Organizing! : )

Dr. Amie Ragan


I hope you feel better soon. I have sent your post to StumbleUpon.com via my account. This is the type of work professional organizers do that people really need to see. I hope it drives readers to you so they can see what great work you are doing.

Cynthia Friedlob, The Thoughtful Consumer


What a tale! Considering your poor fragile "breathers," I assume you use a mask when you're working, but would it be possible for you to use one designed specifically for exposure to serious, hazardous material? I know they're rather big and clunky, but I think that ending up horribly ill from your work is too great a personal sacrifice to make if it can be avoided somehow.

Hope you feel much better soon.


Brandie Kajino

I hope you are feeling better Ariane! Geez all of you have some hazardous stuff going on! I've been lucky so far. Thankfully I live in the northwest and the scorpions don't like to swim. :)
Take care everyone!


Hope you are better. I like the advice about catching up on clutter for I feel like this is the key to prevention. We had a garage sale over the weekend and it was tremendous satisfaction to see the outflow of "stuff."

Ariane Benefit

Thank you all for your kind comments!

And a special thanks to Dr. Amie for submitting my post to Stumble Upon!

Cynthia, yes I do always have masks and gloves in my car because you never know what you will encounter when you go to someone's home. Luckily I only get sick a few times a year. And it's usually because I've been working 60 - 100 hour weeks and have been eating sugar as well. I get a little run down and I become more susceptible. I'm really working on becoming more balanced and taking better care of my nutrition! But it's VERY hard to go 100% without sugar. : )

Brandie, I'm thankful I've never seen a scorpion in my life! : )

Sheila, congrats on your yard sale! Letting go of your stuff is always so freeing!


Thank you! I try to remind myself I DO NOT want to leave a HUGE mess for my family to deal with if I were to die tomorrow. As if loss isn't bad enough, then u have to deal with the details of their life during your grieving.

Ariane Benefit

HI VeggieMom! Thanks for stopping by! It's so true! It's nice to see a mom who understands what it does to the kids to leave so much behind. It's amazing how many people actually put it off saying "I'll just leave it to someone else to deal with". Your children are lucky that you have chosen to be proactive about NOT leaving them in that situation!

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