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July 03, 2007


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Oh my...I thought that was deliberate (some other blogs do it, presumably because on ad-supported blogs, the RSS subscribers don't see the ads). Had I not thought it was intentional, I would have said something ages ago!

So, I suppose those of us who have been "putting up with it" owe you an apology, for not speaking up about it!

Ariane Benefit

You don't have to apologize! I find it annoying too when people don't give their whole post in the Feedblitz.

When people give the whole post, I visit the site more often because after reading the whole post I know if I have a comment to share or not! I don't have time to click through to every post just to find out that I don't really have anything to add.

Thanks for letting me know you cared! And that you stuck with it anyway! :)


I went so far as to make a folder in my google reader called extended viewing. I hardly ever check that folder.

Marcia http://organisingtips.blogspot.com/2007/07/this-week-ariane-changed-her-blog-set.html

spoke about you changing your feed.

I just started my blog this past week. I such a newbie to hosting a blog that I'm not sure how to even get the feed. BUT I know that when I do I want it to be a FULL feed that is sent to google reader..LOL

Ariane Benefit

Robyn, Welcome to the world of blogging! I agree, I prefer having full feeds too! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

Faux Wood Blinds Gal

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