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March 14, 2007


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Sarah Zeldman

Wow! Thank you for that beautiful review of my review!

You are TOTALLY right about adding "our life's purpose & goals must include an element of service to others." The reason I did not add that was because I was summing up what the movie said, and that simply was NOT in the movie.

I even heard one of the experts (I don't remember who) say on one of the talk shows that though he loves the movie, it isn't perfect and left some important things out, and he specifically named (I'm paraphrasing from memory here) "the idea of aligning your personal mission with some kind of service to other people" Also, Joe Vitale said on Larry King Live, "But the movie is telling you one secret of the universe. It is not telling you all the secrets of the universe...Like the Law of Right Action." I have no idea what the Law of Right Action according to Joe Vitale is, but I hope it has something to do with morality and service!

People so badly want perfect teachers, with perfect answers in a perfect movie. They want a quick-fix. They want a new religion that will give them everything they want, without work and without a personal G-d. Admittedly, this movie plays on those desires, but I also think people have to be responsible for themselves and watch it with their brains turned on!

Every single person in this movie is imperfect. This movie is imperfect. The answers are imperfect, but there is still value here.

For example, (I thought of this today) After looking at the movie really, really closely I can tell you that I do NOT think that the Attraction is a Divine, Immutable Universal Law. I think that's marketing. You cannot prove that it works every single time b/c if it doesn't work for someone they say something like "Well, you must not have believed hard enough or done it right." In other words, it's impossible to prove as a universal law like gravity. It comes down to belief. Therefore it is, at best, a theory, not a law -- and when I look it at that way, I can more easily fit The Secret in with my personal and religious beliefs and use the steps it provides to improve my own life.

Some people need to love or hate this movie. They want black and white answers. I don't look at it that way. I see color and I see grey. TURN YOUR BRAIN ON PEOPLE!

Ariane Benefit

Sarah, thanks for your brilliant response! You are so right, they didn't mention the element of service or anything related to "right action" really. I agree attraction is not a foolproof law...it's an influence, I guess. Sometimes like attracts like, Love seems to attract love, and hate attracts hate, but sometimes opposites attract as in the laws of magnetism. Leaders attract followers...etc. People seeking easy "black or white" answers find people willing to sell them easy answers.

Here's to seeing the world in vivid technicolor! : )

Sarah Zeldman

If you liked my review of The Secret then you will really like this article:

Two Parts of The Secret No One Talks About— and Why The Secret Won't Work Without Them - By Bill Harris

It's a bit long, but it fills in the (rather wide) gap that the movie left between magic and science as well as the gap between action and results. To really make The Secret work for you, take the time to read this.


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