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November 29, 2006


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I recieved a soy candle last year as a gift that I absolutely loved I think it was a Kathy Ireland candle. Does anyone know where I can find more?

Jessica Duquette

Yes, Ariane, one of my favorite clients just bought a few of these on my recommendation and he LOVES them!

I know how toxic "regular" candles are, I wouldn't think of burning them now. Once you go soy (or beeswax) you never turn back.



Ariane Benefit

Thanks Jessica for giving us another great testimonal for these candles. They are awesome!

Chris Anderson

Soy candles all the way! Be careful about the company providing the candle. Make sure it's 100% soy. I had a shelf-load of @ 50 burning soy candles collapse and fall all over my body. Covered in wax: yes. Burned: no. So I found out quickly how a low-temp-burning soy candle has immediate advantages over a paraffin candle. Also, fyi, soy candles (and any candle for that matter,) do throw off some soot and by-product. But the reaction seems to be (from our employees' and customers' opinions) strongly in favor of soy. No negative comments to date!
Chris Anderson
Zionsville Candle Company

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